Food Transportation

It takes several processes for a farmer to get hisher farm produce from the farm to the farmers market. Farmers engage in sustainable farming practices to produce healthy food for their own consumption and also for selling to other consumers in the market. They deliver fresh local foods to the growing number of shoppers who always look for not only healthy foods but also environmental friendly. What ways to farmer use to get the food from their farms to the farmers market and to your table as consumers?

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Food transportation

One way farmer uses to get their farm produce from farms to the market is through transportation. When transporting food, farmers take into consideration the distance from farms to market, the infrastructure put in place and also the durability of the products they are going to sell at the market. E.g. if there are no modern roads and the distance to the market is near, some farmers might choose the use of animals like, donkeys and horse to transport their good, some may use vehicles like trucks and pickups, while others may decide to carry the produce themselves. The durability of the farm produce also determines the type of transportation you are going to use. If the produce won't last for long the faster the transportation should be.Some products like eggs and flowers also need a lot of care.


The packaging of farm produce is even more important considering the wasted food lost during post-harvest treatments and storage.Transportation also leads to some wastages of farm produce. Farmers try and pair the correct produce while packing, it is crucial for successful transportation to various markets.Packaging helps preserve and protect food, assist farmers in delivering the best-looking, freshest and cost effective produce. Every food produce requires different packaging styles and each type of packaging performs this three basic functions

Packaging reduces cropswater loss.

It adverts possible injuries to produce during transit

It offers ventilation to allow accelerate cooling and allow heat from respiration escape.


Shoppers love farmers markets because they can buy farm-fresh and top quality products direct from the farms and from the person who produced them- and often they find products that they won't find anywhere else. Many communities love them because people come together, attracting businesses from other industries like stores and restaurants. Farmers love these markets because apart from selling their produce they are fun and they are able to connect with their customers who in turn appreciates their hard work.Most of them are open air markets where farmers sell vegetables. Fruits, meat and sometimes beverages and prepared food.


Customers like these markets because of their fresh and healthy foods and also because they are cost effective and have unique products which some of them cannot be found anywhere else. And yes farm-fresh products tastes better.

If you really want to enjoy savoring produce at the peak of freshness, budget friendly, to meeting the people who grow your food, visit this market. They always have diverse farm produce.